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We live in a world of data; throngs of devices collect data about you every second of every day. The human mind is not capable of processing the amount of data being produced. We need machines with basic AI algorithms to sort through the data for us and determine what is relevant. In the future, the algorithms will become more and more complex to the point where the AI may become smarter than the people programming it.

More and more women are entering technology-related fields. This domain could be a great brand for a female-owned tech company dealing with big data and processing it into a useful state.


SwipeMi is an excellent brandable for implementation of gesture technology. As all of our devices get smarter, another interface will be needed. A user will not always want to or be able to give voice commands. Sometimes, a simple gesture can eliminate the need for a whole sentence of commands. Gesture technology will be an important addition to both voice recognition and touch screens in how we deliver instructions to our devices.


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Domain Domme LLC

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